the cause

Proceeds are put into our Collarship fund so deserving parents can apply to Bones For Bruno when they need financial assistance to help their breed in need.

the treats

These gluten free treats are sure to delight dogs of all shapes and sizes! Plus, they have pumpkin to help with digestion. It's a win/win.

the concept

We love dogs. Plain and simple. The more treats we sell, the more people and pets we are able to help! So thanks for keeping a good thing going.

tiny treats. big benefits.

our mission is simple: Love life while helping people, their pets and the community.


Up close and personal, we saw the stress caused by vet bills with high price tags. Knowing there are so many others just like us who want to give their furry friends the best care we made a plan to help try and offset some of the costs.


We are serious about our product, which is why these tiny treats are vegetarian. And you won't find any corn or gluten here. No way, Jose.


We know it's a big, crazy world. And we are firm believers that everyone can make a difference. Which is why we give back and work with organizations in our communities to make this world a better place.


The more you give, the more you get. We hope that by lending a helping hand, we can inspire others to help keep a good thing going. Pay it forward, people.

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